HCL Amcat Quantitative Question Jan 2015 -Set 2

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10) Supriya runs a marathon race in 50 minutes at an average speed of 48 km/hour. In order to set a national record, she needs to win the race in 40 minutes. Considering that her speed remains constant, at what minimum speed should she run to set the record?

(a)70 km/hr (b) 60 km/hr (c) 55 km/hr (d) 50 km/hr

11) Manu has invested 30% of his capital in petro bonds and rest in a life insurance plan. He has invested Rs. 34,000 more in life insurance plan than in petro bonds. How much is the total investment made by Manu?

(a)Rs. 25,500 (b) Rs. 59,500 (c) Rs. 85,000 (d)Rs. 95,000

12) Consider the following parameters:

A.A boat travels 300 metres upstream in 15 mins.

B.Its speed downstream is 8/5 times its speed upstream.

Which of the following options provides the correct relationship between speed of current and speed of the boat?

(a) Speed of the current = 12/10 times the speed of the boat

(b)Speed of the current = 3/13 times the speed of the boat

(d)Speed of the current = 9/13 times the speed of the boat

13) In a match, awards are given to each of 11 members of the team and a trophy to the team. In all winning team gets 2.75 kg weight awards. If the weight of match winning trophy is 1.275 kg, what is the weight of the award given to each player?

(a)200 grams (b)150 grams (c)124 grams (d)134 grams

14) In how many different ways can the letters of the word 'OPTICAL' be arranged so that the vowels always come together ?

(1)120 (b)720 (c) 4320 (d) 2160 (e) None of the above

15) If 764xy is divisible by 90, then what is the value of x + y?

(a)1 (b) 3 (c) 5 (d) 6

16) In a test called ACSAT, the average marks of 15 test takers is 240. If the marks of 5 test takers are subtracted, the average marks decreases by 40. What is the average marks of 5 test


(a)1600 (b) 320 (c)200 (d) 40


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