HCL Amcat Quantitative Question Jan 2015 -Set 4

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25) Sudhir goes to the market once every 64 days and Sushil goes to the same market once every 72 days. They met each other one day. How many days later will they meet each other again?

(a)16 (b) 64 (c) 240 (d) 576

26) If Mini downloads three more songs in her mobile .she will have songs worth 512 MB in her mobile. If on an average each song is 4 MB, how many songs did she initially have in her phone before downloading?

(a)125 (b) 128 (c) 120 (d)137

27) The causes of productivity loss are to be written around a circle in the annual report. In how many ways can an analyst write them around the circle, if the number of causes are 5?

(a)5! (b) 5C5 (c) 5P5 (d) 4! (e) 4C4

28Ravi has a bag full of 10 Nestle and 5 Cadbury chocolates. Out of these, he draws two chocolates. What is the probability that he would get at least one Nestle chocolate?

(a)19/21 (b) 3/7 (c) 2/21 (d) 1/3

29) If there are 150 babies born every minute, how many babies share the same birth date world wide?

(a)2,24,000 (b) 2,16,000 (c) 2,25,000 (d) 2,18,000

30) The list price of an electric iron is Rs. 300. If two successive discounts of 15% and 10%

are allowed, its selling price will be:

(a) Rs. 229.50 (b) Rs. 231.50 (c) Rs. 232.50 (d) Rs. 234.50 (e) None of the above

31) A juice container was 4/5 full. Ravinder poured 4 glasses from it and then poured two glasses back. The container is 3/4 full now. How many glasses can be filled if the entire container of juice is emptied?

(a) 32 (b) 36 (c) 44 (d) 40

32) In a mall, 20% area is occupied by eateries, 60% area is open. In the remaining area of 1600 sq meter, there are different showrooms. What is the total area occupied by the mall?

(a) 10,000 sq m (b) 5,000 sq m (c) 8,000 sq m (d) 4,800 sq m

33) A company decides a new identity code for all its employees. The identity code would comprise of five letter initials that can be formed using the alphabets of English language such that the fifth letter is always a consonant. How many such combinations are possible?

(a) 26 ^3* 21^2 (b) 21^4 * 26 (c) 21^3 * 26^2 (d) 26^4 * 21


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