HCL Amcat Quantitative Question Jan 2015 -Set 7

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51) In a quiz competition, the host asked a question and provided three possible answers. What is the probability that the answer choice which Rohit selects for a question is wrong?

(a) 1/3 (b) 1/2 (c) 3C1 * 3/2 (d) 2/3

52) The packaging unit of a factory has two panels. Each of the panel contains 4 rows of items stored. Each row has 4 kinds of items that are to be packed. How many items are stored for packaging in the packaging unit?

a) 2^4 (b) 4^4 (c) (4^4)^2 (d) 2^5

53) Ram and Ravi were playing with a paper phone, frustums of which are attached to each other by 95 m long string. If both start moving in opposite directions at a speed of 18 m/min and 20 m/min respectively, after how many minutes will both have to stop?

(a) 2 min (b) 2.5 min (c) 3 min (d) 3.5 min

54) Ramakant wants to earn Rs. 1,500 interest on his deposits. He plans to buy a sack of grains with the interest. He puts Rs. 5,000 into his account that earns 2.5% interest. How long will he need to leave his money in the account to earn this interest that would help him buy

the sack of grains?

(a) 8 years (b)10 years (c)12 years (d)15 years

55) A store has a banner of 25% off on MRP of all branded items. Sheetal goes into the store and buys a belt worth Rs. 75, a shirt of Rs. 1,999 and a shawl of Rs. 2,900. How much

amount will she have to pay?

(a) Rs. 1243.50 (b) Rs. 1240 (c) Rs. 3,700 (d) Rs. 3,730.50


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