HCL Recent Question Paper

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1."mango" keeping a constant how many arrangment can be done ?

2.15 saree is sold in 15000 ,and the profit is cost of 5 saree.what is the cp of each saree.

3.int (*a)[20] and int *a[20],what is the difference

4.why we use function pointers

5.which search is implicitly present in a binary tree?

6.why int *p; int * p; int* p; all mean same to the compiler?

7.what is a bipirated graph

8.what is the time complexity of inserting an element into linked list

9.interpreater executing a function 10 times which contains 10 lines of code or executing 100 lines of code which one faster ?

10.A tree has 5 levels.Each node has either 4 children or not.All nodes at the same level has same number of children.how many nodes the tree has. take root level as 1.

11 To add two upper triangular matrixes how many addition a efficient program need to perform ?

12 To solve a problem a program is broken into small sub programs till the problem is totally solved. What is that approach.


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