Mindtree Interview Experience for Freshers : Placement Papers

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Company Name: Mindtree

Interview Location: Bangalore

 Technical Interview - 1 Hour
Explain virtual function and static method in C++
Write a program for credit, debit and billing for grocery shop.
Explain normalization.
Then gave few simple SQL queries  like insert,update and aggregate queries.
Tell me about stack and queue?
Exception handling hierarchy.
What is process?
How many threads can a process have?
What is Normalization?
What is circular linked list?
Exception handling hierarchy.
How many ways we can traverse a tree? and Explain how?
Encapsulation and example.
He gave me a tree and i have to write the Pre, post, and In Order traversal of it?
Get and Post method in login page.
What is a binary tree?
Life cycle of Thread
What is the difference between Malloc and calloc?
What if Macro Functions?
Life cycle of JSP
What is Enum?
Difference between Union and Structure?
String Sorting.
Difference between Arraylist and Linkedlist.
Collection types.
So it was all about my experience in the Mind Tree interview. Just develop your communication skill and u should have a thorough knowledge of your resume.


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