Peol Technologies Placement Papers for Freshers

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Peol Technologies Placement Papers for Freshers

Company Name : Peol Technologies

Interview Process : 

1st Round : offline written which include aptitude questions(10 questions only), which is quite easy.
(Please do practice same kind of questions from
2nd round : Group Discussion: please refer current topics like elections in india, social Media, jallikattu, H1B visa policy changes
(Please do prepare of some current topics)
3rd Round: Program Execution: they will ask you to execute some c/c++ programs in system.
Please C programs
1. WAP to remove comment lines .
2. WAP to reverse the string like i love india so output will be - india love i
3. WAP to find string is palindrom or not.
4. WAP to find the length of string.
5. WAP to find the number is power of 2 or not.
6. WAP for string comparision.
7. WAP of Bubble sort.
8. WAP to find the LCM nd GCD.
9. WAP to find the sum of digits in number like 245 so output will be 2 + 4 + 5 = 11
1.Wap for fibnocci series for n number :0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21….
2.wap(write a program ) to find out the highest number in given numbers 
3.WAP to reverse the string using linked list
4. wap to remove the blanck space from the string without using built in function
5.WAP for 2^n like 2^3..(search on google u will get answer)
6. write a program to find out the sub string of a string without using built in function 
7.wap for bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort
8.write a recursive function to find the length of the of string 
9. write a recursive function to find the factorial of a number
4th Round: face to Face Technical rounds in which they will ask questions from C/C++, data structure and SQL
5th Managerial Round: few Technical questions from Data Structure, SQL and C and some personal questions
6th HR Round: personal interview .

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