List of Blacklisted and Fake Companies and Consultancies in India Which is blacklisted by IBM

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In recent there are a lot of fake companies.As a fresher we are so much desperate for job that if any company sends us a mail that I am selected and I need to pay a good amount of money.These fraud people just lure us with fake offer letters and fake job promises. And most of the people fall prey for it and loose their money.For this current market situation, recession and the unemployment problem, fake companies are started. The biggest problem is that its even difficult to identify whether the company is fake or not, because they have their own website which is very attractive.Think 100 times before appearing for any unknown company Interview, better do some research on it.

Here we are posting the All the List of Blacklisted and Fake Companies and Consultancy Which is blacklisted by IBM.

Here I mentioned few points for freshers committing to any company or apply for job in such companies.

1. Before Applying for any job online or offline , you must confirm the company details in Google search.

2. To find fake recruiters you must contact to HR of that company or try to ask more people about the same company.

3. Beware of Online Fake Scams who promised you to provide job in Big companies like IBM,Accenture,CTS,Wipro,CGI.

4. If you receive any fake suspicious e-mails like for example , never respond to such mails.

5. To find correct e-mail id of big MNC , it must be in the form of for example

6. Regarding Job Portals sites like,, etc please check company details before applying for any job as 50% of jobs are scams. If they ask for any money please avoid the call or mail.

7. If you receive any mail or call where money has been asked or bank deposit then never believe on such mails or calls.

8. Beware of Fake recruiters who call for cash deposit into a designated bank account.

9. In case you or any of your friends or acquaintances receives such mails, please do not pay/deposit money. Those mails must be ignored and reported SPAM.

10. Always upload your resume on Company official website.


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  1. As I question if the card would even be adequate, Fake id many have reacted that they have just chatted with the airplane terminal and were informed that any type of photograph identification would be satisfactory.